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40 Years in Jewelry

Krivanek Jewelers

Since 1999

I am a geologist with a graduate gemology degree from GIA, as well as Two-time winner from AGTA with a cutting-edge award and recognized by the American society of gem cutters. With my over 30 years’ experience it is my goal to make sure all of my customers are happy and taken care of. 

Mark Krivanek


sOnly the Best

Meet the Team!

At Krivanek Jewelers our Team works hard to create a unique products that you can love forever! 

Designed and Handmade In House

Whether wanting a custom one of a kind, or are wanting  something new out of your old jewlery, we are here for you. We will work directly with you to find and create a beautiful unique piece of jewelery.

How It Works


Chat With An Expert

You will go over designs with a selected artist and find the best option for you!

Stone Selection

Pick out the perfect stone for you or use previously owned stones


Design Your Ring

Begin putting your ring together nothing is finalized until you say you love it!

 Weekly Hours:

Sunday : Closed

Monday : Closed

Tuesday : 10-5

Wednesday : 10-5

Thursday : 10-5

Friday : 10-5

Saturday : 10-5

Got Gold or Silver?

We buy all gold and silver whether it’s junk, coins, bars, or jewelery we buy it!

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