Colorado Aquamarine

The Mountains peaks of Mt. White and Mt. Antero, are at and elevation between 13,667 and 14,276 feet. They are formed of granite rocks with pegmatite bodies that contain gem quality crystals. These gems are rare and exquisite in light blue color. Aquamarine gemstones were first found in 1880, near summit of Mt. White the highest gem local to North America. Aquamarine is now the state gemstone and March’s birth stone.

colorado aquamarine

Locally Sourced Aquamarine  

The name aquamarine represents the splendor of the sea, and has a rich history with many ancient cultures, including Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, and Egyptians. 

Properties of this beautiful stone include acting a an aid for saliors. The word itself is a combination of ‘blue’ and ‘sea.’ It has also been said that aquamarines help with difficulties in a relationships and promote long lasting joyful marriages. The word ‘courage’ and ‘peace’ are associated with the stone as well. 


23ct Colorado Aqua found by Dawyne Hall on the show “Prospectors.” Cut and set in mounting by Mark Krivanek

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